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Friday, July 20


Who : Slow Nerve Action

Where : Garfinkel’s

Get funked this weekend with these sexed-up Whistler musicians.

Who : Whole Damn County

Where : Moe Joe’s

It’s a rockin’ weekend with this favourite local band, turning out your requests and some hot originals.

Who : Leanne and Kyla

Where : Dubh Linn Gate

This local duo fiddles and strums up a Celtic good time. Enjoy Guinness on tap and good conversation.

Who : Josh Gontier

Where : Crystal Lounge

This full-time Whistler musician sings feel-good tunes and funky vibes.

Who : Lyndon Davies

Where : Mallard Lounge

Enjoy contemporary piano tunes while you sip martinis next to the croquet course.

Who : Cameron Chu Jazz Trio

Where : Bearfoot Bistro

Proving jazz never goes out of style. Enjoy a bottle of wine from one of the finest selections in town.

What : Das Boot Ballet

Where : The Boot Pub

Lovely ladies in the flesh and not much more.

Who : Rex Chequer and Joseph Ashong

Where, When : mountain Square at 1, Gazebo at 2, Marketplace at 3:30 p.m.

These seasoned entertainers are part of the international touring group Manding Jata. This cultural duo presents music and dance from Timbuktu, Mali incorporating the use of the marimba, African flute and drums.

Who : Richard Beynon

Where, When : Whistler Village Centre at 1:30, village Square at 3, Gazebo at 4:30 p.m.

This young musician will amaze you with his jazzy clarinet. He’s backed up on keyboards by his dad, Phil.

Who : Elias Joseph

Where, When : village Square at 1:30, Whistler Village Centre at 2:30 and 5, Mountain Square at 4 p.m.

Are you ready for fun, laughter, imagination and excitement? Discover the wonder of the circus through this unique performer.


Who : DJ Little T

Where : Maxx Fish

Little T is the Friday night favourite with a great line-up of funky house.

Who : DJ Miguel Sanchez