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Friday, July 13

What : Live Wire Friday

Who : Slow Nerve Action

Where : Garfinkel’s

These sexed up Whistler musicians are irresistible, turning out porn funk and groovy vibes.

Who : Whole Damn County

Where : Moe Joe’s

Rock done Whistler style. Check out these local boys for your favourite tunes and a few originals destined to become favourites.

Who: Guitar Doug

Where : Dubh Linn Gate

He’s a one man party machine! Hook him up with a few pints of Guinness, some Irish humour and watch out!

Who : Groove Junky

Where : The Crystal Lounge

Some funky tunes to get you groovin’ in your seat… or showing off your moves, if you feel inspired.

Who : Cameron Chu Jazz Trio

Where : Bearfoot Bistro

Enjoy these seasoned musicians with a glass of wine from one of the best selections in town.

What : Das Boot Ballet

Where : The Boot Pub

The only spot in town for adult beverages and adult entertainment.

What : Whistler Street Entertainment

Who : Two Good Men

Where, When : Village Square at 1 and 2, Gazebo at 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.

This comedic musical duo can entertain audience members of any age. With their talent and witty lyrics, these two good men will have you singing along in no time.

What : Whistler Street Entertainment

Who : Mike Battie

Where, When : Whistler Village Centre at 1:30, Mountain Square at 3, Village Square at 4 p.m.

He’s quickly becoming a celebrity on the streets of Whistler. Witness this physical comedian’s act up close as he dazzles you with his diverse abilities, including a juggling act that will leave you dizzy.

What : Whistler Street Entertainment

Who : Maximime

Where, When : Mountain Square at 1:30, Village Square at 2:30, Whistler Village Centre at 4, Market place at 5 p.m.

Max started studying mime at the age of 13 at Moscow’s Mirror Mime Company. He was the winner of the National Mime Competition and the only deaf student in the class. This unique performer is bound to delight.