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Who : DJ Chris Viner

Where : Tommy Africa’s

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Sunday, March 4


Who : The Northern Pikes

Where : Dusty’s

Yep, it’s one of Canada’s premier ’80s bands. The Pikes are playing old faves like Teenland as well as material off their brand new album. See article.

Who : Hissy Fit

What : New Punk Night

Where : The Boot

Chrissie Hynde meets Courtney Love. Come see why this melodic punk band is a Vancouver favourite. See article.

Who : Cameron Chu Jazz Trio

Where : Bear Foot Bistro

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What : Soulkitchen

Where : Tommy Africa’s

Resident DJ Czech is serving up progressive house and break beats to satisfy your musical hunger.

Who : DJ R3

Where : Garfinkel’s

The weekend’s not over! Feeling particularly brave? Show off your moves on the elevated stage.

Who : DJ Royal Riley

Where : Moe Joe’s

Get to The Church this Sunday to worship this god of British beats.

Who : DJ Slazz

Where : Buffalo Bill’s

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