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Who : Josh Gontier

Where : The Crystal Lounge

Jammin’ Josh brings you an entertaining lineup of pop-rock covers as well as a few numbers of his own.

Who : Cameron Chu Jazz Trio

Where : Bear Foot Bistro

See Friday’s listings.


What : PLAY

Where : Tommy Africa’s

Resident DJ Shandy Rae is PLAYing with guest DJ James Brown in the tiki jungle.

What : Locals’ Night

Where : Garfinkel’s

Get rowdy with the natives! DJ Stoli works the dance floor into a frenzy.

What: Acid Jazz Night

Where : The Leopard Lounge at the AlpenRock

Guest DJs turning out fresh spins for your dancing inspiration.

What : Eargasm

Where : Maxx Fish

A tour of the electronic underworld featuring hip hop and R&B.

Who : DJ Rabid

Where: Savage Beagle

Hard hitting house beats and funky-ass dance tunes will get your heart pumping and blood rushing.

What: Bacardi Party

Who : DJ Rich

Where : Buffalo Bill’s

Great drinks, awesome prizes. Not for the weak!

Who : DJ Lamb Chops

Where : Moe Joe’s

Classic tunes to mainstream music. Check out their hat collection at the bar.