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You can’t miss this Brazilian DJ’s unique industrial hip hop sound. See article.

What : Tuesday Trance Series

Where : Tommy Africa’s

DJ Eggo and DJ Ben Matchett are spinning the tunes to capture your mind and free your soul.

What : Trivia Tuesday

Where : Dusty’s

DJ Trix hosts this interactive, brain-teasing nite. Prizes every hour.

Who : DJ Seanski

Where : Savage Beagle

Come see why this is the longest running hip hop night in the resort.

What : Disco Night

Where : Moe Joe’s

There’s cash to be won for your sequins and bell bottoms. Blondie and the Bee Gees await you on the dance floor.

What : Industry Night

Where : The Leopard Lounge at The AlpenRock

Welcoming guest DJs into the booth each week for a fresh vibe and Phat mix.

Wednesday, March 7


Who : The James Rogers Band

Where : Moe Joe’s

It’s the only blues night in town – and it’s live!

Who : Cameron Chu Jazz Trio

Where : Bear Foot Bistro

See Friday’s listings.

What : Das Boot Ballet

Where : The Boot

See Friday’s listings.


What : Resonance

Where : Tommy Africa’s

Didn’t get enough disco on Monday? Check out these disco tunes with a house twist.

What : The Spot

Where : Garfinkel’s

It’s the spot to check out new DJs and live MCs kicking out the freshest hip hop.

Who : DJ Derek

Where : Savage Beagle

Derek knows how to satisfy all your musical urges… a great mix of dance, hip hop and rock.

What : Open Mic

Where : The Leopard Lounge at the AlpenRock

Are you the next Brittany or Ricky? Budding stars can show their stuff tonight.

Thursday, March 8


What : Jambox

Where : The Boot

It’s open mic night. Come jam with musicians from around the valley.