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Weasel House planned for 2010 alpine vollies



Whistler's Weasel Workers will have a place to call home during the 2010 Games.

Weasel House, consisting of a large tent placed over the two tennis courts at Alpha Lake Park in Creekside, will be the official gathering spot for the hundreds of volunteers who will be helping to maintain the official alpine racing courses during the Games.

The Weasels join other groups who will have official venues or "houses" in Whistler during the Games, such as Austria House and PrideHouse.

"The whole foundation of the Weasel Workers is comradeship," said Owen Carney, chairman of the Alpine Standing Committee.

"For the last 28 years we've always had a hospitality tent... It's really kept our team together."

Weasel House will be a place where the volunteers can gather after their long shifts on the mountain, take off their boots, and relax with a beer before they head home to prepare for their early morning shift the next day.

The Resort Municipality of Whistler has given the Weasels the green light to use the tennis courts, along with a $15,000 grant.

Carney said he hopes to raise more money through fundraising and through in-kind donations.

For example, they will be selling Halti jackets in an attempt to raise approximately $80,000.

Carney sees the coming together of roughly 1,500 volunteers as a way to build the Weasel Workers of the future, as many weasels are getting older.

"This is a real opportunity to build the team," he said.

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