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WDC and Transmission to play benefit for flood victims



Who: WDC with Transmission

What: Benefit for Victims of the Rutherford Creek Bridge Disaster Fund

Where : Moe Joe’s

When: Friday, Oct. 24.

The Friday night crowd at Moe Joe’s has grown accustomed to the faces of local rockers WDC, who have a running gig to kick off the weekend. While tonight is no different in that it’s still going to be singer/guitarist Pete Couillard, bassist Jason Bonnell and drummer Steve Ballstadt sending out hard-edged tunes for their loyal following, this particular gig has a more serious undertone.

The evening has been organized as a benefit for the victims of the Rutherford Creek Bridge Disaster Relief Fund, set up in the wake of the tragic circumstances involving the flooding in Pemberton last weekend. The washout of the bridge, part of the highway at the south end of Pemberton, claimed the lives of Shoestring Lodge staffer Daryl Stevenson and former employee Mike Benoit. Moe Joe’s bartenders Jamie Burnette and Ed Elliot were also victims of the flood, so it seems fitting that a benefit in their honour will take place where many came to know them.

"As people in a band, it’s probably the most helpful thing we can do," said Couillard. "We’re looking forward to doing our part."

Despite the sombre circumstances, Couillard says the band has no intention of playing a set of funeral dirges.

"We just want to make sure that everyone who is coming out to Moe Joe’s isn’t coming to mourn people, they’re coming to celebrate people helping each other," he added.

Another local rock band, Transmission will be coming out of hiatus on account of drummer Tom Leson’s knee surgery to join WDC on the benefit’s bill.

"We work in Pemberton, so we kind of got hurt by the flood too," said bassist Terry Leson. "Hopefully we can help bring some people out, and make some money for the people that were affected."

Donations taken at the door of Moe Joe’s will go directly to the fund.

Friends and loved ones of Stevenson and Benoit are invited to attend a special memorial evening this Saturday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. at Gaitor’s Bar and Grill, part of the larger property that also contained the Shoestring Lodge where both had been employed. The Boot Pub will close for the memorial.

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