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WC trees

Legacy forest project growing The World Cup Forest campaign is growing in momentum as it gains a title sponsor in the B.C. Forestry Alliance. The Tree Canada Foundation signed on earlier as a project partner. The campaign — to create a lasting legacy of the Whistler World Cup in the form of a forest on Whistler Mountain — kicks off today (Dec. 6). Visitors can take an active part in creating the World Cup Forest by donating to the purchase of trees that will be planted in the spring. With each World Cup event in Whistler during the next 10 years, the forest will grow in the total number of trees planted in it. Preliminary plans for the forest include an interpretative centre to provide information on the species of trees planted, how they are planted and tended, and "thinking benches" — quiet spots to rest and contemplate the surrounding mountain beauty and the growing majesty of the forest. There are signs on Whistler Mountain already indicating where the forest will emerge this spring from the first year's donations. As a partner in this ambitious project, Tree Canada will ensure mechanical aspects of planting and subsequent nurturing of the treelings takes place. Tree Canada was founded in 1992 as a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing education, technical assistance and financial support to encourage Canadians to plant more trees in our urban and rural environment. Tree Canada has helped plant more than 50 million trees, according to its own statistics. The B.C. Forestry Alliance will have a booth to collect donations during this weekend.