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WB job fairs a go for the fall



Whistler Blackcomb will be hosting two local recruiting fairs this year.

The annual job fair will take place on Nov. 5 and 6 where recruiters will fill 1,200 part-time jobs in food and beverage, mountain operations, guest services, finance and the ski school.

"We're continuing to do recruiting around the world to diversify the work force, working with First Nations communities and setting aside a bunch of jobs for those communities," said Karen Baukham, recruiting manager for Whistler Blackcomb.

Part of that process is their annual recruiting trip across Canada, where recruiters will stop in Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto to meet with and hire for full-time positions. Recruiters are hosting a session in Whistler as well, for locals to have a shot at full-time positions.

"If you're living in North Vancouver and want to work for Whistler but the closest job fair is in Toronto, that doesn't make any sense," Baukham said.

Applicants should apply online with a cover letter and resume. Recruiters are currently screening all applicants and based on the number of applicants so far, Baukham said all the interview spots will likely be filled up. She said the link for applications was closed Tuesday night but may reopen if they need people to reapply. They will be hiring for approximately 120 full-time jobs, which will also come with staff housing if required.

Professional jobs such as chef, supervisor and office positions will also be available through their website starting this month.

Baukham said Whistler Blackcomb is hiring more employees than last year, bracing for what they expect to be a busier snow season than last year.

The Whistler Chamber of Commerce, which used to host large annual job fairs, hasn't decided whether it will hold one this year. They canceled last year's fair as they found that a job fair didn't provide the flexibility businesses needed to hire.

Chamber President Fiona Famulak said she will be meeting with chamber members in the next couple of weeks to see if a job fair will benefit them. If not, they will enhance their online employment resources.



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