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WAVE to support food bank drive


If there’s one local business that has its finger on what’s going on in Whistler, it’s the Whistler and Valley Express. Every day WAVE bus drivers interact with locals as they travel from place to place, and the latest word on the street is that people are hungry.

"Our drivers are discovering that people aren’t working, and are having trouble making ends meet. People aren’t getting enough to eat," said WAVE manager Scott Pass.

To support the local food bank, WAVE will be parking a bus outside of Nesters Market on Saturday, Dec. 21, as part of a "Stuff-A-Bus" food drive. From 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., shoppers can drop off goods to the bus, which will drop the collected items off at the food bank at the end of the day.

The Stuff-A-Bus program was created a few years ago by WAVE driver David Overbeck, and he approached Pass to resurrect the program again this year, according to Pass.

"David and some other drivers let me know what the situation was, and this is something we can do to help people through a tough time," said Pass.

In addition, WAVE buses will start to carry bins for the Food Bank so that riders can make donations at any time.

According to the Food Bank, more than 130 people have been using the service each week.

A late start to the season has resulted in employees getting fewer hours than normal, and even when they do start working, that first paycheque is usually a few weeks away.

Bins for the Food Bank are also located at ever Whistler grocery store for those wishing to make a donation. There are lists beside the box describing the items that the Food Bank needs for its clients.