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Wave art comes back to town

Local surfer girls return home for Art and Jewelry show with a social conscience



When: Sunday, April 13, 9:30 p.m.–1 a.m.

Where: The Mix, Whistler Village

They’ve been living the dream on white sand beaches and surfing every day, but Christy Feaver and Suzy-Annick Raymond are trading in their bikinis for snowpants and coming home to showcase their latest works of art on Sunday, April 13 at The Mix. Of course they also plan on getting some late-season turns on the mountains they love.

“Snowboarding will always be my life,” said Christy Feaver, jewelry designer and 10-year Whistler resident, “but as a vacation from surfing.”

Feaver, who spent much of her winter in Bali, Indonesia, is teaming up with Raymond, a painter/mixed-media artist, for an evening of art, jewelry, and fundraising for a great cause. Both women will be donating 10 per cent of the evening’s sales to The Street Children Project in Bali, a program Feaver spearheaded to bring impoverished children hope through education, art, music and surfing.

“The children in these Third World countries have such strong spirits and virgin eyes to the western world,” she said. “They love having foreigners around but they don’t treat you any different. They embrace you into their lives, their country, their culture and their daily existence.”

“More surfers are getting involved,” added Raymond. “With projects like this or Surf Aid it gives us a better outlook on life in general and appreciating what we have, to not be selfish and to give aloha back to the world.”

Raymond is flying in from the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, but she lived in Whistler for seven years and has traveled across the globe chasing waves, fresh landscapes and new cultures.

“I often collect sand and shells from each destination to put into my art,” she said. “It makes each piece unique and I love playing with the different textures.”

Known for her personal reflections of mountain and ocean landscapes, Raymond plans to have 13-18 paintings on display as well as prints and a new line of “wearable art” jewelry that incorporates her surf images with recycled materials.

Feaver has 150 pieces of original handcrafted jewelry available, mostly sterling silver.

“I’ve been busy,” she admitted.

Also a world traveler, Feaver creates stunning rings and pendants but has also been building a new men’s line of rings, belt buckles, money clips and cufflinks.

While Raymond intends to spend her summer in Whistler before heading back to Hawaii next winter (“That’s when the waves come, we get the same storms that bring all the fresh pow over here”) Feaver is only in town for a few runs on the mountain and, “a hot bath that doesn’t have any creatures living in it, a nice glass of red that doesn’t taste like vinegar and seeing all my friends that make my life complete.” Soon she’s headed back to Bali to continue setting up The Cause Gallery, where featured artists will follow the lead of this show and donate proceeds to a cause of their choice.

With such worldly, classy, compassionate women as interview subjects, there’s really only one question left to ask: Who do you think would win in a fight, a taco or a grilled cheese sandwich?

Raymond: “A taco. It’s spicier.”

Feaver: “A taco. It sounds tougher, it’s Mexican. A grilled Cheese sounds kind of French…”

And there you have it. Go to the Mix on Sunday night for great art, a good cause, and a couple of nice surfer girls happy to be back in the mountains they love. Tacos get in for free.