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Waterfront Landing Development clears major hurdle

Squamish development would include towers up to 12 storeys, house 3,500 residents



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Skye developer strikes back at District

Developers of the Skye property are not content with the District of Squamish's decision not to approve a change of density for Phase 3 of the project, staging a protest at municipal hall on June 23.

The Skye developers claim that townhouse units in Phase 2 are not selling and as a result they asked to change the zoning for Phase 3 from a mix of 16 townhouses and 84 condos to 139 condos, which are selling in the current market. There would be no change in the floor space, but each townhouse would be replaced by 3.4 condo units.

The change would allow the project to continue moving ahead, otherwise the developer said most of their employees and construction workers would be laid off in December.

Council voted against the change in density at the May 19 general council meeting.

Councillor Patricia Heintzman was worried about setting a precedent. By allowing Skye to change its density she said they were opening the door to applications from other developers changing the specifics of projects on a regular basis to reflect any changes in the market.

For Councillor Corinne Lonsdale, her objection was all about density. "It was always intended that lower density of the project (would be) provided on lands adjacent to the estuary," she said. "In my mind (this proposal) is the highest density in the municipality and it's not in the interest of the community at this point."

Bryan Raiser objected because of the proximity to the estuary, and the lack of a buffer zone between the high-density condos and protected lands.

Transit comes to Brennan P ark

A new Squamish Transit route to Brennan Park Recreation Centre will be available on July 2. To celebrate, the District of Squamish and Squamish Transit are giving raffle tickets to riders from July 2 to July 9 to win a family prize pack worth approximately $1,000. There is also a poster and essay contest with the theme "Greener Transportation Options" that is open to kids from Kindergarten to Grade 7. The top entry from Kindergarten to Grade 3 and Grade 4 to Grade 7 will receive a prize.

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