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Waldorf parent group seeks students for Pemberton-Whistler bus service

Initiative being considered for young independent school commuters



A group of Whistler Waldorf parents is gauging interest in a privately funded bus service that would shuttle students from Pemberton to Whistler starting in the fall.

"We've now got a large contingent of families in Pemberton who are sending their kids to school in Whistler, and we need to bump the numbers just to make it affordable for families," explained Lori Patrick, the project's lead organizer.

While public school students can take advantage of a bus service from Pemberton to Whistler offered through the Sea to Sky School District, no such option is currently available to independent school students, who typically car-pool into the resort.

"There are now about 55 kids (attending Waldorf) that go back and forth, and a lot of those children and their families are driving each day by themselves," Patrick said. "Some families do carpool, but with the amount of time that it takes, the amount of cars on the road, (a private bus service) is something that makes sense."

There are currently around 40 students interested in the service, and Patrick is hoping to enlist a minimum of 50 students to make the project affordable. With that many students onboard, Patrick said the service would cost around $8 a day.

Burnaby-based Lynch Bus Lines would organize the transportation, with the fees covering drivers' and insurance costs. The service would run five days a week, with the likely pick-up spot from a central location in Pemberton. If there is enough interest, the service would begin next fall in time for the 2016-17 school year.

For anyone interested, email Patrick at