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WAG on the march



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As for WAG’s aims for the future, Jodi and David are still very ambitious. The main project is expanding and improving the current shelter so that WAG is able to house more animals. Jodi is also, like many animal lovers, passionate about controlling the pet population through spaying and neutering programs. Every animal who comes into WAG’s care is immediately taken to one of their two participating veterinary clinics for any necessary treatment, which is essential but is also a big drain on their resources.

Fund-raising is an essential part of the WAG program, as the organization funds 100 per cent of its day-to-day operations at the shelter. New fund-raising initiatives include Club WAG, which is in partnership with Whistler-Blackcomb. For $15 ($10 of which goes directly to WAG), your pet can have his or her own pass. It does not enable them to strap on their ski boots and go up the hill but it is a unique, fun novelty item that is sure to be the accessory to have for the next season.

Another fund-raising event that is sure to be a big success is this year’s Whistler DogFest 2001, which has expanded from last year’s Dog Day and Parade, and will be held this Sunday, April 15. There will be competitions ranging from dog and owner lookalike contests to best costume, agility dog displays and the fourth annual Dog Parade through the village. Local doggie businesses will have booths with information on their services and WAG will have a stand-alone booth where people can find out more about the shelter and its volunteer and adoption programs.