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WAG gets endowment fund from Nesters points

Whistler’s Animal Galore got a $1,000 boost this week from Nesters shoppers.


Nesters Market General Manager Bruce Stewart said the donation was made possible by all the Nesters shoppers who asked to have their Nesters points go towards WAG.

The money will be used to create a new WAG endowment fund with the Community Foundation of Whistler.

The CFOW manages funds in perpetuity and distributes the interest in the funds.

Carol Coffey, the WAG shelter director, said she hopes this new endowment fund will eventually create a stable source of income for the animal shelter, which is in desperate need of funding.

This could reduce WAG’s need to constantly fundraise, allowing them to focus their efforts on other programs.

The Nesters donation is just the first step in setting up this fund.

WAG must come up with $5,000 to create the endowment fund. The CFOW allows this money to be paid off at $1,000 per year over a five-year period.

At least one member of the community has already donated money to the fund. Coffey said she is hoping other members would follow suit.

Donations for the endowment fund are eligible for official tax receipts.

For more information contact Coffey at 604-905-7750 or