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W-B, Environment Canada team up with WRTV


Whistler-Blackcomb and Environment Canada are teaming up with Whistler Resort TV (WRTV) to provide content and technology to launch the resort channel’s new format on Nov. 1.

WRTV, which will move from channel 19 to channel 2 when the new format is launched Nov. 1, will feature a one-hour loop of local activities, nightlife and events, as well as text information on a split screen.

The new content provided by Whistler-Blackcomb and Environment Canada will include up-to-the-minute snow conditions, alpine, mid-mountain and valley temperatures, wind speeds, visibility levels and three-day forecasts. Access to this information has been made available to WRTV through Web-based technology provided by Whistler-Blackcomb.

"Whistler Blackcomb is very pleased to announce this partnership with WRTV," said Stuart Rempel, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Whistler-Blackcomb. "Currently, people sitting at their computers in Chicago can get a more accurate picture of what’s going on weather-wise in Whistler than our own in-resort guests can. It’s time that changed."

The information will be made available through a synchronization of Whistler Blackcomb’s IT Department and WRTV technology provided by Ontario-based Capital Networks. WRTV’s new format, which will resemble other informational networks like CTV Sportsnet with permanent text information on the bottom and side of the screen, will pull real-time information updates directly from Whistler-Blackcomb’s network. The information will be updated every 15 minutes.

"Understanding the weather in Whistler is not as simple as just looking out of the window," says Rempel. "Our up-to-the-minute information will now be available on WRTV, through the Snow Phone, and on our Web site informing people exactly what to expect at all elevation levels in Whistler. It’s a necessary service to our guests and the community."

"WRTV has been in discussions with Whistler-Blackcomb for a number of weeks to determine how best to deliver this information to our guests," says Don McQuaid, President, WRTV. "I am encouraged and excited by the support WRTV has received from Whistler’s major players. Together, we are creating a product that will truly enhance the guest experience in the resort, and we’re ensuring that Whistler Resort remains a leader in the North American resort industry."

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