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Volleyball may add fourth league



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The MVP award went to Rachel Antoniuk of Langley Christian, as well as the gold boot award for scoring 13 goals. Hazelton Secondary School won the Fair Play Award.

As well, the top player from each team as chosen by the referees were named as commissioners. For Whistler the commissioner was Nancy Bayly.


Test of Metal staggers starts

With over 1,000 riders registered, and at least 800 expected to show up at the start line for the annual Test of Metal on June 14, organizers have decided to do things a little differently this year. Instead of the usual mass start, they are adjusting start times in 30 minute intervals based on how long riders expect it will take them to finish.

“I don’t think that the guy coming in at five hours wants to be starting next to the guy finishing in three hours, and I certainly know that the opposite is true,” said race director Cliff Miller. The organizers based the changes on a survey of riders.

Riders will seed themselves based on their expected time.

“We’ve tried loading on a first-come, first-served basis, and we’ve waited until 30 minutes before the race to load everyone at once, and that can be a bit of a gong show. We’re hoping that by self-seeding, the majority of racers will find themselves with comparable riders earlier in the race and have a better experience.”

As well as staggered start times, the Test of Metal will have 10 primes on the course this year and cash prizes for the top-five men and women. A rider who leads from start to finish can earn as much as $1,250.

The Test of Metal gets underway at 11 a.m.

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Yoga Twenty Four

Most trainers suggest that people hold their stretches for at least a minute, but Whistler Wellness Week is looking to extend that to a whole day.

Yoga Twenty Four on June 7-8 is a new addition to Whistler Wellness Week, promoting a full 24 hours of yoga instruction. You can do it as a solo, or split the time between friends, as a number of instructors teach modalities, relaxation, chanting, meditation, and more. Part of the program includes heading to Enviro-Fest to take part in an interactive live music event.