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VISEYE opens new exhibit with Zero Ceiling fundraiser



Cold Passion may be an oxymoron in other parts of the world, but here in Whistler it makes perfect sense. Nothing stirs the heart of a true Whistlerite like a snowy vista.

The sentiment is behind a new exhibit at the VISEYE Photo Gallery beginning Tuesday, April 13. Cold Passion goes for grandeur with a collection of landscape photographs by local sharp shooters Guillaume Otis, David Alarie and Chris Rollett. It’s a 180-degree turn from current exhibit Small World: A Macro Investigatio n, collections of photos by Lubica Mrockova and Irene Sheppard that focus in on small, wayside objects.

The unique gallery is curated by original exhibitors Ellen Atkin, Jon Faulkenor and Nelly Levesque and makes use of wall space at BBK’s Pub, a small, cozy watering hole next to Chef Bernard’s Cafe in the Blackcomb Benchlands. Exhibits feature between one and three local photographers and change every six to eight weeks, usually kicking off with an in-house reception featuring music by local singer/songwriter Leanne Lamour.

Cold Passion , however, is breaking with tradition. The exhibit will kick off with dinner in the pub from 6 to 10 p.m. featuring food from Chef Bernard’s kitchen. Twenty-five per cent of food sales and 10 per cent of photo sales from the evening will be donated to the Zero Ceiling Society, a local charity organization which offers under-privileged kids the chance to learn to ski and snowboard.

Seating space at BBK’s is limited, so reservations are recommended. The pub remains open until 1 a.m. following dinner.

For reservations call 604-932-7051. For more information on the Viseye Photo Gallery go to www.viseyephotogallery.com.