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Village prepping for Olympic Games as overlay continues



The village has begun to morph into Games mode, as the Olympic overlay continues to blanket Whistler in the lead up to Feb. 12.

The top-level parking lot at the conference centre is now off limits to make room for the temporary infrastructure to support the Whistler Media Centre, for the accredited media. This will be a secure venue during the Games. The temporary infrastructure includes the installation of back-up power systems and the media transportation mall.

The underground parkade at the conference centre will be closed from Jan. 24 to April 4.

MY Millennium Place has also now closed for tenants and regular user groups, such as the Youth Centre, the Teddy Bear Daycare, the Church on the Mountain and the Whistler Village Church. All are being temporarily relocated and will continue to operate during the Games.

Millennium Place will be the Whistler Media House for the unaccredited media covering the Games, as well as Norway House, hosted by the Norwegian Church Abroad. Visitors and residents will be welcome to enjoy Norwegian waffles every day of the Games.

The ongoing changes are a visual reminder that the village will be operating differently this February.

For example, the Whistler Eye Clinic is reminding patients that it will be open only for emergencies during the Games.

Dr. Karen Smith is reminding the community to book an appointment in January if needed and is asking patients to ensure they have enough contact lenses and a back-up pair of prescription glasses for Games-time.

She is also reminding locals to tell their guests the same.

Both Dr. Smith and Dr. Shea Colpitts are part of a volunteer team providing emergency eye services at the athletes' village Polyclinic, servicing athletes and coaches.

If anyone experiences an eye health emergency such as sudden flashes or floaters, sudden loss of vision, red eyes or painful eyes, they should call the Whistler Eye Clinic at 604-932-2600 to arrange an emergency eye exam.



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