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Vicious Circle seeks a collective noun

What do you call a group of writers?



Everybody knows the expressions: A murder of crows, a pride of lions, a fuss of mothers. But what is the collective noun for a group of writers? A scrabble? A babble?

In a lead-up to its Sept. 8-13 Writers Retreat, the Vicious Circle is inviting suggestions as to the most appropriate moniker for a gathering of writers which it will use to tag the retreat.

"The retreat is attracting writers from across British Columbia," said Stella Harvey, event organizer. "And many of our events, from the evening readings to the morning lectures are open to the public, so there will be a critical mass of people gathering to talk about word-craft, writing and creativity. So, we’re looking for creative suggestions as to the perfect word for what that gathering should be called."

Up for grabs are tickets to the opening session of the retreat on Thursday, Sept. 8, which features Susan Musgrave and travel writer Charles Montgomery. Also included in the prize pack are tickets to the closing reading on Tuesday, Sept. 13. Competitors can enter their suggestions before Aug. 18 via email to stella25@telus.net with entries provided on the website www.theviciouscircle.ca

The retreat, open to writers of all types and levels, still has some spaces available. "The program will be very practical and geared to someone who wants to take their writing practice to the next level," said Harvey.

Registration for the entire five-day writing retreat is priced at $500 and is discounted to $375 if participants arrange their own accommodation. Morning lectures are also available on a drop-in basis, and cover topics from ethical issues to publishing.

Sunday, Sept. 11, also offers a special session for aspiring writers on how to pitch ideas to publishers. The session will be followed by the opportunity for writers to pitch their ideas and receive feedback from several publishers who will be present. Tickets for the session are $50 each and space is limited.