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Venus, moon alignment best on Feb. 23


A unique alignment of Venus and a young crescent moon will be visible on Monday, Feb. 23 in the western sky after sunset, according to local astronomers John Nemy and Carol Legate of The Pacific Observatory.

The moon and Venus will be at the same height in the sky, with Venus three degrees to the north (right) of the moon.

"This is an excellent photo opportunity, wide angle or close up," writes Nemy. "A telephoto will highlight the close alignment and bring out earth shine on the moon."

Nemy recommends using a 200 mm lens, one to eight seconds of exposure, on 200 to 400 ASA film. A wide angle lens will take in the surrounding scene in the late evening.

Nemy also says you can use a tripod and take two exposures on the same frame – one short, five to ten seconds, to capture the moon and Venus, and one taken five to ten minutes later that is exposed until both objects set.

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