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VANOC's senior team complete

Staff now number 90, will grow to 1,200 over next five years


The Vancouver Organizing Committee's senior executive team is complete with the recent addition of Ward Chapin, senior vice president of technology and systems.

The announcement was made this week. Chapin rounds out the nine-member senior team headed by John Furlong, chief executive officer.

In total the VANOC staff now numbers 90 full time employees. That number will grow to 1,200 employees just before the Games in 2010 and be helped along with an estimated 3,000 temporary workers and 25,000 volunteers.

Other recent VANOC appointments include: Linda Coady, vice president of sustainability, Andrea Shaw, vice president of sponsorship sales and marketing, Renee Smith-Valade, vice president of communications, and Burke Taylor, vice president of culture and ceremonies.

"People are the essential component of a successful Games," said Donna Wilson, senior vice president of human resources. "With five years to go, we already have attracted a very talented group of employees with diverse backgrounds. Many have previous major Games and event experience, while others are working on their first Games. Our goal is to ensure maximum public accessibility to employment opportunities while still targeting certain specialized skills."

The VANOC team includes 21 employees with previous Olympic, Paralympic or Commonwealth Games organizing experience, as well as 26 athletes with national or provincial competition experience.

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