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VANOC partners with Workopolis

National partners to bring Olympic opportunities to all Canadians



By Clare Ogilvie

Interested in a job with the 2010 Winter Games?

Then check out Workopolis, the newest national partner with the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Games.

“This is the way to drive the opportunity to all parts of the country,” said VANOC CEO John Furlong from Toronto where the announcement was made Tuesday.

“It is an extension of the theme that we have been advancing that this is Canada’s Games. It is a message to Canada that the door is open.

“This is a very substantial way (to get the message out) because three million Canadians go to this particular site every month looking for employment.”

Now, the first image that meets job hunters on Workopolis is a VANOC graphic challenging them to “change more than your job, change your life.”

Following online links job seekers can find an inspirational message from Furlong as well as some testimonials from those already employed at VANOC.

Earlier this week there were eight jobs posted in various sectors including administrative assistants, manager of relations for National Olympic Committees in Europe, and assistant corporate secretary.

Workopolis will also handle the volunteer positions.

“This will be a way for us to properly manage all of that and to make sure that every Canadian has a chance,” said Furlong.

Traditional ways of applying will still be available but this is another way to reach out across the country. It also reflects VANOC’s commitment to sustainability by helping to reduce paper flow, said Furlong.

“We are expecting the numbers to be huge as a result of this partnership,” he said.

VANOC expects to hire 1,200 full-time and 3,500 temporary workers along with 25,000 volunteers over the next three years. Currently the organization has 275 employees.

“As the number one online career and job search resource in Canada we can provide VANOC with unsurpassed reach to potential candidates in every region of the country,” said Patrick Sullivan, president of Workopolis.

Paid positions at VANOC will range from entry-level to senior management and will be filled across eight divisions: CEO’s Office; Sport, Paralympic Games, Venue Management and Technology and Systems; Games Services Operations and Ceremonies; Venue Development; Revenue, Marketing and Communications; Human Resources and Sustainability; Finance and Legal.

The partnership is at a Tier 3 level and is worth between $3 and $15 million. To date there are 10 major corporate sponsorship deals worth more than $500 million already in place, about 40 "second-tier and third-tier" deals still have to be negotiated. The agreements will involve companies with products and services Vanoc needs -- including hotels, airlines and wineries.