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VANOC looks for money from feds

Need an extra $110 million



John Furlong, CEO of the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, said he’s hoping to get the extra $55 million requested from the federal government soon.

He was planning to talk to David Emerson, minister responsible for the 2010 Olympics, at an event in San Francisco this week.

"We’d like to have certainty," said Furlong, at the end of the venue media tour this week.

"I’m hoping that we’ll get it in the next little while. In the meantime we’re pressing on and we’re assuming the best."

VANOC asked the federal and provincial governments for an additional $55 million each last year after it became apparent the venues were over original budgets.

British Columbia has said it will provide $55 million providing the federal government also contributes $55 million.

The additional $110 million will to go towards a revised $580 million budget for Olympic venues.

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