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Vancouver Sun Run sees Whistler participation

Vancouver's Dylan Wykes comes in first in 29:15



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Male 60 to 64

David Thornhill was 62nd in 52:29. Patrick McCurdy was 68th in 52:52.


Male 65 to 69

Rick Valleau was eighth in 49:43. Michael Winter was 172nd in 1:28:53.

From Squamish, Jeff Larcombe was 138th in 1:18:07.


Female 15 and Under

Squamish's Stephanie Pawluk was sixth in 45:42. Tessa Martin was 55th in 54:46. Cierra Catarino was 125th in 58:59. April Panchyshun was 239th in 1:02:52. Darby Wilson was 244th in 1:02:55. Emily Wiesenthal was 308th in 1:04:47. Nina Wipfler was 316th in 1:05:03. Alizandra Daleman was 386th in 1:06:57. Sasha Eidsvik was 710th in 1:15:03. Jacklin Warwick was 711th in 1:15:04. Britt Paley was 832nd in 1:17:59. Miranda Whonnock was 904th in 1:20:01. Megan Brant was 1,011th in 1:23:59. Emily Cadman was 1,012th in 1:24:02. Nessie Lewis was 1,099th in 1:27:03. Bailey Goldstone was 1,150th in 1:28:50.


Female 16 to 18

Squamish's Meghan Roberts was 31st in 48:52. Megan Bruce was 282nd in 1:02:47. Sarah Isaac was 332nd in 1:04:31. Jessica Wike was 799th in 1:23:58.


Female 19 to 24

From Whistler, Karine Breton was 593rd in 1:00:34. Taryn Thorne was 681st in 1:01:48. Courtney Chennells was 683rd in 1:01:49. Robyn Cullen Gallagher was 1,630th in 1:19:31.

From Squamish, Jill Carlile was 405th in 57:35. Elizabeth Francis was 508th in 59:14. Kate Isaac was 878th in 1:04:31. Ashley Cadman was 1,768th in 1:24:02.


Female 25 to 29

Kerry Spearing from Whistler was ninth in 38:22. Anni Amor was 97th in 47:47. Kate St. John was 283rd in 53:26. Angela Wotherspoon was 286th in 53:28. Jenn McElroy was 390th in 55:05. Jess Martin was 414th in 55:28. Denise Belyea was 591st in 57:40. Holly Janenko was 779th in 59:42. Nicole Parrish was 800th in 59:43. Kaylee Hansen was 1,144th in 1:03:18. Sarah Keep was 1,245th in 1:04:16. Kara Thornton was 1,261st in 1:04:27. Carolyn Serzysko was 1,662nd in 1:08:34. Sarah Steele was 1,688th in 1:08:50. Sarah Bartholomew was 1,690th in 1:08:53. Victoria Saunders was 1,704th in 1:07:58th. Andrea Kirkpatrick was 2,050th in 1:13:26. Annabel Mailath was 2,161st in 1:14:59.

From Pemberton, Kimberley McGuire was 2,179th in 1:15:10.

From Squamish, Rebecca Ferri was 387th in 55:04. Ellen Czernick was 431st in 55:40. Karen Horak was 954th in 1:01:29. Marta Pawlikowska was 1,118th in 1:02:59. Perrine Stevan was 1,154th in 1:03:22. Elissa Robinson was 1,481st in 1:06:41. Kelly Brix was 1,679th in 1:08:44. Ashley Stewart was 1,772nd in 1:09:42. Alysa Stewart was 1,776th in 1:09:45. Bernice Man was 1,881st in 1:10:55. Angela Berkeley was 2,128th in 1:14:31. Natasha Reid was 2,747th in 1:27:57.