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Vancouver Sun Run sees Whistler participation

Vancouver's Dylan Wykes comes in first in 29:15



The 27th annual Vancouver Sun Run returned to its normal time slot this year after being bumped back several weeks last year because of the Olympics. That was bad news for local Whistler runners, with winter still in effect in the resort and cold, snowy running conditions through the spring.

The big news this year was the win by Guelph's Eric Gillis, who became the first Canadian to win the men's 10 km race since 1998 with a time of 29 minutes and six seconds. Vancouver's Dylan Wykes and Kip Kangoo of Kenya sprinted against one another to the finish, with Wykes taking second by a fraction of a second. Both finished in 29:15.

Lucy Njeri, a Kenyan runner now based in Toronto, won the women's race in 33:41, followed by Paula Findlay of Edmonton in 33:47. Natasha Wodak of Port Moody placed third in 34:01.

While numbers have been breaking the 50,000 mark consistently in recent years, total participation was down slightly for Canada's largest run with 49,365 runners taking part.

The number of Whistler runners was down from last year, which probably has a lot to do with the weather - as well as the fact that many runners are already signed up for the North Face Whistler Half Marathon. Pemberton and Squamish participation was up with the participation of several school-age groups.

The fastest Whistler runner this year was Kerry Spearing, who placed ninth in women's 25 to 29 in 38:22, as well as 217th overall. She was also the 33rd woman across the line this year, the only local runner to crack the top 100.

Because of space, only times under an hour and 30 minutes are included. Complete results are at


Male 15 and Under

Whistler's Jacob Callender was 1,469th in 1:31:20.

From Pemberton, Jacob Spierings was 1,037 in Under 16 Men in 1:13:26.

From Squamish, Hermann Bottcher was 47th in 45:48. Rys Verner was 156th in 50:54. Cameron Dare was 169th in 51:17. Brandon Aglular was 183rd in 52:03. Winston Trueman was 221st in 53:23. Malcolm Thomson was 241st in 53:58. Kale Hitsman was 477th in 59:33. Wasuphon Srithongkun was 706th in 1:05:04. Wyatt Gilson was 712th in 1:05:09. So Ikeda was 891st in 1:09:19. Norman Lewis was 924th in 1:10:02.


Male 16 to 18

Squamish's Rob Leigh was 68th in 44:37. Liam Shard was 200th in 51:17. Dane Sweeney was 202nd in 51:17. Daniel Hennigar was 203rd in 51:17. Marc Laventure was 204th in 51:18. Lawrence Lewis was 220th in 51:39. Griffin Dare was 519th in 1:02:19. Brandon Lewis was 534th in 1:03:10. Dumont Omeasoo was 799th in 1:24:20.