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Valley race series results


Under gray skies and falling snow the Kokanee Valley Race Series continued last weekend with a 29-gate super-G on Lower Cruiser.

In the women’s races, Grace Oakes won the Over 60 category, crossing the line in 1 minute 31.86 seconds. Anna Zach was second.

In the 50 to 59 age group, Randall Carpenter beat Lucyle Dufour. Terry Vincent won the 40 to 49 race uncontested, but with the third fastest women’s time.

Jackie Jackson won the 30 to 39 age group uncontested, but with the fourth fastest time. Stephanie Dixon won the 19 to 29 race.

In the women’s pro event, Kimberly McKnight took the top spot by almost six seconds.

Gar Robinson beat out Doug Deeks and Raymond Bradley in the men’s Over 70 contest.

In the 60 to 69 race, Bob Switzer cleared the course in 1:18.01, faster than any times in the age group below him, and on par with the top times in younger and pro categories. He was followed closely by Alfred Zeilberger, Alain Paquet, Pat Duffy, Jerry Stolar and Garth Musto.

Julian Soltendieck cross the line in 1:20.20 in the 50 to 59 category. He was followed by Jules Lajoie, Fred Cadham, Larry Moore and Rob Forbes.

In the 40 to 49 race, Shawn Whalon (1:12.54) edged out Dave Johnston (1:12.66) and Steve Fleckenstein (1:12.74) with the third fastest time of the day.

Scot Elder won the Men’s 30 to 39 in 1:16.65, edging out John Evenson’s 1:16.87. Geoff Gerhart was third, followed by Tom Jackson, Steven Komm, Don Grobelny, Scott Brammer, Justin Biamonte, David Adanac and Robert Martin.

The 19 to 29 race went to Graham Sumner in 1:27.19, followed by Tomohiro Nakamura and Jason Swimbourne.

The Pro category was close, going to Ken Pedersen with a time of 1:12.25. Daniel Moore was second at 1:12.63, Derek Burgen was third, Phil Stiel fourth and Andrew Dawson fifth.

Rob Neaga was the top telemarker in the race, crossing the line in 1:35.16 – more than 12 seconds faster than Grant Ringham and Gavin Christie.

Michele Marsh was the top women’s snowboarder, followed by Michele Rideout.

In the men’s snowboard race, Ian Hadgkiss was as fast as many skiers with a time of 1:18.80. Greg Salmon was second, Shawn Kinch third, Derek Maxheleau fourth, Shawn Arnold fifth and Andrew Deboer sixth.

The Kokanee Valley Race Series continues on March 15 with a GS on Blackcomb.