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Valentine's Day earthquake rattles Sea to Sky

No damage reported following 3.4-magnitude earthquake outside of Sechelt



An earthquake struck on the B.C. coast Saturday night, Feb. 14, and was felt across the Sea to Sky.

According to Natural Resources Canada (NRC), a 3.4-magnitude earthquake hit 26 kilometres northwest of Sechelt. It happened at 8:12 p.m., 10 kilometres below the surface.

“Lightly felt throughout the Sunshine Coast, from Sechelt to Powell River, as well as Nanaimo, B.C.,” an NRC update stated. “There are no reports of damage, and none would be expected.”

The quake was also reportedly felt across the Lower Mainland and the Sea to Sky corridor.

In Squamish, multiple residents took to social media to report the quake. “Anyone else feel that? My entire house just shook,” tweeted Squamish resident Adam Greenberg.

“Felt the earthquake in Whistler,” tweeted Anne McMullin. “Thought someone drove into the cabin.”

The tremors appeared to be less noticeable for some in the resort, with numerous residents saying on social media they mistook the quake for a passing truck or train.

“I felt it in Function,” wrote Whistlerite Anna Tude on Facebook. “I thought it was just a really long heavy train going past, as it happened to coincide with a passing train but my building has never rumbled that much before when a train passes.”

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