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Using vaginas to stop violence



What: Vagina Monologues V-Day fundraiser

Where: MY Place

When: Friday, Feb. 28

Women around Whistler are ready to put the V into V-Day, a global movement to stop violence against women and girls.

And what does V stand for I hear you ask? Victory, Valentine and Vagina, and for seven local gals it’s also acting out Eve Ensler’s smash hit Broadway production of The Vagina Monologues.

A cross-section of Sea to Sky women representing the arts, a health spa and even a hamburger joint will hit the stage and their G-spots to entertain, enlighten and increase awareness for our local anti-violence organizations. The Whistler cast includes writer and actor extraordinaire, Michele Bush, along with Ab Fab colleague and basket designer Cheryl Massey, Nibbana spa owner Dianna Sillary, TV actress Angie Nolan, and Splitz Grill girl Crystal Sevigny. From Squamish will be actors Stephanie Brown, a mother of three, and Betty Ann Person, who has many First Nation friends.

Each actress will perform a minimum of two monologues covering a diverse range of topics guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, cringe and giggle. Here’s a sample of what to expect:

My Angry Vagina will be presented by Michele Bush, who wanted to point out it was a crime she didn’t get asked to perform last year considering her last name.

"This piece is all about the day-to-day indignities the vagina faces, from tampons to G-strings and pelvic exams," she said.

Her second piece takes a sadder tone. Titled The Flood , Bush becomes an old woman from New York who had an embarrassing sexual experience as a teenager and closed her body for business from that moment on.

My Short Skirt, will be performed by Crystal Sevigny in her stage debut.

"It was performed on Broadway by Calista Flockhart and is a very liberating piece about having the freedom to wear whatever you want without judgement," said Sevigny.

She will also take on the role of a southern black woman in a piece called The Little Cootchie Snorcher That Could . "It’s all about a lesbian experience," she smiled.

The Vagina Workshop will be read by Dianna Sillary.

"I become a proper English woman who finds herself at a class to discover her cltoris," said Sillary. "I also turn into Eve Ensler at the birth of her grandaughter. Both pieces are a celebration of women and their pleasure centres."

The Woman Who Makes Vaginas Happy will be interpreted by Cheryl Massey.