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U.S. national team skier to join Brotherhood in Whistler



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He has been injured for the past year but is currently in Park City competing in the Utah Winter Games, which is an international series of racing. His sister Suki is also racing in Park City. She placed second in a Nor Am downhill in Whistler in February 2001.

He said he’s looking forward to the NBS races in Whistler as well as the NBS events in town that week.

"The last time I was there we actually had time off to go cruise around which was a first because we rarely have time to go free ski," he said,

"(Whistler) is absolutely massive. I didn’t know it was that big. It was foggy the first day I was there so I rode up thinking ‘Oh sweet, I’m there’ and thought it was the top and then I looked up and there were three more lifts."

Along with the super G race the NBS will be hosting a number of events for their members during the first week of February.

There will be a Picnic-on-the-Hill, Happy Hour in the Roundhouse, a Taste of Whistler with samples from restaurants around town, pool parties, a movie screening and concerts, among many other things to do.