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Tyndall Stone tenants finding new spaces

Purebread and Bell Store moving nearby



With Christmas just three weeks away, Mark Kissner, Emilie Massicotte and their son Calvin aren't sure where they'll be living after Dec. 20. The young family was living at Tyndall Stone Lodge until fire forced them, and their cat, out.

The trio moved into their rented one-bedroom suite at the Tyndall three years ago. Luckily they were able to get most of their possessions out of the building after the fire.

For now, the family is staying temporarily at a place in the Deer Lodge while their belongings are stored at the Summit Lodge, where Kissner and Massicotte both work.

"Whistler Resort Management has said they're looking for a place for us and that's a big issue at this time of year," said Kissner. "What is there to find unless you want to spend eight grand a month?"

Kissner said he's also working with a lawyer to ensure the rights of his family are protected and he has advertised on Craigslist that his family urgently needs a place to live. Ideally they are looking for a two-bedroom place in the village close to their daycare.

Retail operators in the Tyndall Stone Lodge are also scrambling to relocate.

The Bell Store moved just up the street to the retail space formerly occupied by Dinky Dawgs. The communications company signs are in the new space and the location is being transformed from a hot dog outlet to a communications services and products store.

Kelly Oswald from The Oracle reported she is still looking for a new space. Finding an appropriate location is a challenge, she said.

"Every time we thought we had a spot — someone else got it first," Oswald said.

She expects to be operating again at The Oracle's Tyndall Stone space in June.

Purebread is taking over the former Mexican Corner location in Marketplace. The news was shared via Twitter and confirmed by Purebread co-owner Paula Lamming.

The Mexican Corner tweeted: "We are giving up our old location for a few months to our friends of Purebread that recently lost their space."

The new location for Purebread is just a block away from the old location and business continues as usual for Purebread at the company's Function Junction location.

Jenny Wong from Comor said the sports store is doing a short move to the space formerly occupied by 49th Parallel.

"We're lucky that we have such an amazing crew up there and the community support is phenomenal," said Wong from the store's Vancouver office. "We certainly appreciate the support we've gotten from the community."

The store is expected to re-open in the new location on Saturday, Dec. 7.

Taxback, David's Tea and Los Sombreros were also severely damaged. Those outlets haven't publicly shared their future plans.