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TWSSF ends? X Games decision April 30

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The Fashion EXPOSED show was sold out the day before, and The END, Saturday's all night party, sold out that evening.

"The calibre of artists that we're attracting continues to increase and I think that bodes well for attendees and the legitimacy of those competitions," said Eckersley.

By many accounts business was good for many throughout the ten days.

Wayne Katz, owner of Mogul's and Zog's, which caters to the festival's late night clientele with its $5 outdoor hot dogs, said he had a good week — consistent business across the week not just spiking on the weekends.

"I think we're up over last year," he said, though he won't know for sure until the accountant does the final tally.

The hotels too won't have festival numbers just yet. But Tourism Whistler's research team has come back with preliminary numbers.

"It definitely looks like the numbers are strong," said Breton Murphy, TW's senior manager of communications.

Perhaps not as strong as the 2011 festival which fell over the Easter holidays but it's shaping up to be stronger than it's been in recent years.

"People always ask me: 'how is the festival going?' and I say 'you tell me,'" said Eckersley.

"Anecdotally the word I'm getting from the street is that people thought it was a great festival and for us, that's what matters."