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Two wheels and no limits

Freeride/BMX crossover rider Darren Berrecloth gets back to his roots



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Pique: What does the Red Bull Elevation mean to riders like yourself?

DB: Right now that’s the only premier event in BMX. In terms of BMX and dirt jumping this is the best contest, and it’s kind of a shame that there aren’t more of them. At X Games there’s no more dirt jumping for BMX, which is weird because that’s one of the sports to help lift the X Games off the ground and a lot of the guys are pretty bummed out who make their livelihood from dirt jumping. When Jay Miron and Red Bull started Elevation, it really gave the sport a boost.


Pique: Is Red Bull Elevation pretty serious, or is like riding with your friends?

DB: My personal take on this contest is that it’s more of a fun event for me. BMX dirt jumping is what I grew up doing and I still love being on my little bike.


Pique: Do you guys think out set runs, or is there a lot of improvising?

DB: When I’m out there riding with the boys and see someone do something, like spin over a big jump, I’ll go “okay, he spun that, so it’s your time to get ’er done”. Especially with a big jump course like this, everybody is watching to see who flips that jump, who spins that jump. Either you’re the person who guinea pigs, or you wait until someone does it and then you drop it yourself.


Pique: The jumps are a lot bigger than other contests. Is it scary at all, or are most of the riders just used to it by now?

DB: Everybody is nervous. There are a few riders who feel really comfortable on the big jumps, but a lot of people don’t like it when it’s as big and gnarly. I’m definitely a little freaked out doing these tricks on the big jumps. Even at the end of the day it’s definitely something that’s on your mind.


Pique: With BMX in the Olympics and this kind of event with Red Bull do you expect to see any kind of resurgence in the sport?

DB: BMX has so many different disciplines. There’s racing, then there’s vert ramp and street, and dirt jumping, and everything is just so different. I would definitely say that a lot of kids are going to be onto BMX bikes again, and riding around the streets and looking for little dirt piles to jump off of, because that’s how we all started.