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Two men convicted in fatal dog shooting

Faithful canine was shot in 2012 near the Squamish Valley Road.


Two men charged in the 2012 fatal shooting of a dog in Squamish were convicted in a North Vancouver court on Wednesday.

Both were convicted under the wildlife act of hunting without reasonable consideration for the lives, safety or property of other persons.

The men, one from Lions Bay and the other from Port Coquitlam, received a $2,500 fine and a two-year hunting prohibition. Charges against the two men were laid last summer.

The dog — a six-year-old black Australian kelpie Lab cross named Jemma — was shot on June 15, 2012 not far from the Squamish Riverside Campsite on the Squamish Valley Road. She was wearing a bright orange safety collar and an orange beaded Mexican necklace when she was killed around 5 p.m.

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