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Two extremes for the screen



Extreme enthusiasts, on the snow and off, are in for a visual treat at the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival, April 13-22.

Radical Films will unveil its latest incarnation, Search for the Holey Trail, on April 15. Radical Films is best known for its mountain biking trilogy Kranked. Producer/director Bjorn Enga is very secretive about the project but you can hear the smile in his voice.

"It’s very diverse. We have shots from all over the world and the riding is incredible," says Enga.

What we can tell you is that there’s no shortage of local faces in the film: Brett Tippie, Richie Schley, Wade Simmons, Gareth Dwyer and Justin Davies.

"All of those guys have really good segments… We didn’t do as much filming in Whistler though. A lot was shot in Vancouver and the Interior. We have a segment from Spence’s Bridge that really rocks. We also have a bit of Kootenay stuff and some from the Fraser Valley."

The film is an international effort, with more filming done in France Australia, Morocco, Spain, Switzerland and the U.S.

"And look out for Wade’s Mexican road gap," teases Enga.

Although Radical Films is now owned and operated by Enga alone – ex-partner Christian Begin opted to sell his half to Enga – Holey Trail still incorporates Radical’s trademark 16mm footage, crisp edits, tweaked special effects and a fantastic story line. The world’s best mountain bikers, including Dangerous Dan, Butch 13, Randy Spangler and Brian Onofrichuk, let it all hang out for the camera.

If you miss Search for the Holey Trail as it embarks on its international tour, or if you’re hungry for more, the film is being released in DVD format which includes bonus features.

"We’re gonna have some rider interviews, some extra footage and a few more surprises as well," says Enga.

If you’d like a preview of Search for the Holey Trail, you can join the more than 30,000 who have logged on to Radical’s Web site in the past two weeks at www.radical-films.com. The premiere is set for April 15, the first Sunday of the World Ski and Snowboard Festival, at the Fairmont Chateau Whistler. Two screenings will be held, at 7 and 9 p.m.

Where one film starts its journey, another shall end. Elevation Magazine wraps up its six-month tour of Rush Hour at the WSSF. The 75-minute film is packed with extreme clips of free-skiing, snowboarding, kayaking, climbing, telemarking and even a little mountain biking, courtesy of Radical Films. However, the most popular segment during the six month tour has been the BASE jumping.

"The full length film that the clips were taken from hasn’t been released yet, so this is a sneak peak and audiences have been very excited to see it," says Leigh Deckert of Elevation Magazine. The producer of that soon-to-be-released film, Will Oxx, will be in Whistler for the early showing of Rush Hour.

The Rush Hour tour carries some big sponsors who are creating an adrenaline rush of their own for the audience. Companies such as Transpak, Timbuk2, Fate, Zukes and PUR will be contributing door prizes. Grand prizes of Nordica skis and Ortovox backcountry gear will also be up for grabs. And every person through the door gets a free subscription to Elevation Magazine with the price of admission.

Last year’s Elevation film showing was completely sold out at the AlpenRock. Promoters decided to put on two showings of Rush Hour this year at Garfinkel’s. Screening times are 7:30 and 10 p.m., also on April 15.

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