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Two cougars killed in Sea to Sky corridor, one spotted in Whistler

Conservation officers warn of cougars seen at Lost Lake and Easy Street



The cougar population in the region dropped by two in two days this week.

A cougar was destroyed on Wednesday (Feb. 15) in the Cheekeye area in Squamish after conservation officers learned that a dog was dragged away from a home in the area by a cougar.

Kent Popjes of the Conservation Officer Service said the cougar was tracked and due to its aggressive behaviour the cougar was put down.

"It was a large adult male in good condition," said Popjes.

He said residents in the forested area had seen the cougar previously.

"We don't always get reports when someone sees one," Popjes said.

The day before conservation officers dealt with a cougar that was hit by a car at about 6:30 a.m. in the Furry Creek area. That cougar was also a healthy adult male. Popjes said the cougar happened to be crossing the highway at the same a vehicle was passing by.

There have also been reports in the last two weeks of cougars sighted in Whistler. There were two reports of a cougar at Lost Lake and a third at Easy Street, said Popjes.

There were no reports of aggressive behaviour connected to the cougar sightings in Whistler.

The conservation officer had recommendations for anyone who encounters a cougar: "If they are on the ground and the cougar is near them, never turn your back on a cougar."

He added that small children should be picked up and in the unlikely event of a cougar attack Popjes said fighting back is always recommended.

He added that all sightings of problem wildlife and poachers should be reported by phoning 1-877-952-7277. The report line operates 24 hours a day.

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