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Two bears in Whistler homes last week

Food and garbage attracting the animals



Two bears made their way into two different homes in Whistler this week.

With bruin burglars doing this on a regular basis, Conservation Officer Tim Schumacher is urging Whistler residents to close and lock their doors and windows.

He wants Whistler residents to report all incidences of bears entering homes. On Monday, July 29, a bear went into an unlocked home by pushing down on a lever-style door handle then pushing the door open. Schumacher said he learned that it wasn't the first time the home had been entered by a bear.

The first incident, Schumacher said, resulted in the bear getting a food reward.

"We want to make sure that people report all occurrences or incidents with wildlife," said Schumacher.

Another got up onto a deck three nights in a row in the Emerald Estates area after it discovered a refrigerator on the deck. The first time it got on the deck the bear pulled some vegetables out. On its return visits the bear discovered the refrigerator was empty.

There was another home entry on Monday, Aug. 5 on Lorimer Road. A tagged yearling entered a home so the RCMP was called. The bear fled before police arrived.

The Conservation Officer Service is posting bear-related alerts on the 19 digital screens RTown Communications has around Whistler. Conflicts can be reported by calling 1-877-952-7277 (RAPP).

Schumacher also noted that a cougar was spotted on Saturday, Aug. 3 on the Cheakamus River Trail halfway between the trailhead and the suspension bridge. It wasn't aggressive but he and COs want to know if it is spotted again.


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