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Twelve DJs in 12 hours

New audiovisual company Rebound Studio and Sound hosts opening party with DJs from dawn to dusk



What: Rebound Studio and Sound Opening Party

When: Friday, May 12

Where: Garibaldi Lift Company

Tickets: $5

What more appropriate way to celebrate a new locally-owned DJ event business than to cram as many DJs as possible into the all-day, all-night opening party Friday, May 12 at the Garibaldi Lift Company?

"(The business) pretty much came out of my passion about music," said owner Rick Jansen, more famously known around Whistler’s nightclub circuit as DJ Ricochet.

"I love working with sound visuals and playing around with a lot of toys."

For 12 straight hours, from noon to midnight, a dozen local turntablists will switch off, mixing up breaks, house, drum ’n’ bass, funky world beat, downtempo and reggae for the crowds.

Names familiar to Whistler’s dance music scene include Toddski, Mr. Fister (Chili Thom), Plastic Surgeon, Milton, Rustafari, Tone, Phroh, Foxi Ozzi, Dagan, Mekim, Liger and Kuff.

The new company will specialize in providing, sound, visuals, lighting, turntables, mixers and accessories for DJ events.

"Just being involved with the DJ events, all the shows, I realized there needed to be another business that is more geared to the DJs with less expensive pricing," he said. "Most DJs need sound unless they are playing in a club."

The new business aims to facilitate outdoor events as well as club ones. Like Whistler’s infamous Full Moon parties, it is about bridging culture with the great outdoors.

After living in Whistler for eight years, Jansen has really seen Whistler’s DJ scene grow. Customers are looking for more than the stereotypical cheesy canned-music party, which is best summed up by the chicken dance. Event organizers are realizing the value in the ambiance a skilled DJ can provide. From gallery openings to film premieres and fashion shows, a good DJ show, especially with a VJ element added, heightens the buzz, excitement and overall experience of an event.

While Jansen could hook up any event with a myriad of his talented turntable friends, Jansen is not focusing on becoming a talent house. However, he will provide a VJ – a video jockey.

"DJs give pleasure to your ears; VJs give pleasure to your eyes," Jansen said.

Instead of music, VJs draw from the creative palate of audiovisuals. Video clips and graphics are mixed on site, like the DJ experience, allowing for the artist to read both the crowd and music ringmaster.

"It is just starting to get big right now," Jansen said. "In San Francisco, you can go to clubs strictly for VJs. They have VJ rooms. It’s starting to get big down there."

In addition to event production, Rebound Studio and Sound will also provide recording services, giving DJs the opportunity to make promotional mixes as well as collaborate with other local producers on music. The Rebound Studio will open its doors this summer.

So break out your soothers, glow sticks and fluorescent clothing for the Friday night party. There are prizes for best old school rave costumes. Tickets are $5 at the door.