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Tunes to rock a party

Team Canada DJs keys to success at the decks



Who: Team Canada DJs

When: Tuesday, Oct. 21

Where: Moe Joe’s

DJs Grandtheft and D.R. One are the men of Team Canada. And, as their name suggests, these born and bred Canadian DJs know how to throw one hell of a party, dropping the hottest beats imaginable to get the dance floor at any club truly jumping.

But they didn’t always work as a team. Back in 2002, they were both doing their own thing on the Montreal music scene — D.R. One was big on battling, and Grandtheft was scratching and producing. They met up and played a few shows together at some of the smaller clubs they tended to frequent, and realized they shared a common vision and appreciation for the underground scene.

“They just kind of took off from there, we just kind of kept expanding,” said Grandtheft. “Both of us had the same goal, in terms of club DJing, and in terms of doing something different and not really doing the big clubs, because we’d rather run our own parties at little spots.”

They decided they wanted to maintain creative control over their performance, and didn’t want to be restricted by the management at the bigger clubs.

“We kind of had our own vision, and we knew what we were doing could be kind of popular, even though it wasn’t the main thing six or seven years ago — playing rock, with hip hop and house and all of that wasn’t a popular thing to do,” he said. “We kind of got that going.”

Turns out, they really knew how to throw a party — and that’s what it’s all about for these guys. They love to see the looks on people’s faces when they recognize a really hot track.

“We like to party and we just love to get the crowd wild, so we’re pretty technical with it. We do a lot of live remixing and creative stuff, but its all in the name of just getting the party live, so we’re putting an a capella over another kind of beat, just to get a reaction out of people. It’s all about the energy, you know?” Grandtheft said. “We’re not the kind of DJs that make people stand around and watch us do something cool — we more like to get the party going.”

By 2004, Grandtheft and D.R. One were playing almost all of their gigs as a team, so they decided to formalize things, forming the Team Canada DJs.