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Triple trouble



Three DJs flipping discs, ninja style

What: Ninja Tune label showcase

Who: Kid Koala, Amon Tobin and Bonobo

Where: DKNY Jeans Free Outdoor Concert Series

When: Saturday, April 19, 7 p.m.

Three of Ninja Tune’s poster boys plan on making loads of noise and nonsense while the big men, and women, fly above for the Big Air this Saturday night. But the funny thing is scratch dynamite, Kid Koala; dark and deep drum ’n’ bass Brazilian-Brit, Amon Tobin; and funky dance monkey Bonobo, all think nobody will want to watch them. Sure it’s tough to compete with death-defying tricks and aerial acrobatics for face time but these DJs are three of the best in the business and I assure them they’ll have no trouble tapping into an appreciative audience.

The Kid Koala (a.k.a Eric San) packs ’em in where ever he performs, thanks to some sick sample slinging that defies decent description. His groovy, cute yet schizophrenic debut album, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome , is one sonic adventure that must have taken piles and piles of vinyl to get right, but by crikey, he’s done it. The Vancouverite who moved to Montreal has been scratching for almost 15 years and just keeps getting better and better, reeling in the catatonic kiddies with not only cut-up clutter classics, but a formidable cartoon series as well. Pick up his disc at record stores and check out the cover. You’ll see what we mean.

Also on the agenda is Amon Tobin who was born in Brazil but is now based in Brighton, England. The mild-mannered master of rhythms filled with reckless D ’n’ B abandon, has a love for trippy jazz, blues and all things futuristic, creating noises that result in nothing short of spectacular, if a little disturbing for the uninitiated. His music is not for the faint-hearted. It’s intense, exhausting and considered intelligent dance music. But if you ask him, it’s just what he loves doing.

"I don’t do this out of some pioneering quest. I’m just really intrigued with how melodies and rhythms work and it completely fills me with enthusiasm and a love for experimenting," said Tobin.

He doesn’t want to be called an innovator (although he is) and he doesn’t like to define what he does. At the end of the day, he just wishes for what most blokes want – more chicks at his gigs.

"I guess because my stuff is real drum and bassy and futuristic sounding rather than dancey, the girls aren’t really into it. I need more girls."

Such a simple request for such a God of the genre.