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Trio continues slow walk to popularity



Who: Andante Trio

Where: Our Lady of the Mountains Church

When: Jan. 26, 7:30 p.m.

If you ever wanted to hear cello played as sax, here’s your chance.

The Andante Trio invite listeners to a classical music concert this weekend at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church.

"There is no music written for our lineup of flute, saxophone, and harp, so Michiko (Clarke) has transposed the cello music score (in these pieces) for the sax," says Margo Bloom, flute player with the local trio and the informal collection of classical musicians known as Whistler Chamber Music.

This is a group that gets you excited about hearing classical music.

"Saxophone is the only instrument in E flat, while most instruments are played in B Flat. That’s why the cello section has been transposed. A piano, for example, is two notes down from a treble clef," Bloom adds excitedly.

Alison Hunter rounds out the group on harp. The trio had been playing together for a while but without a formal name. They decided on Andante Trio last month.

"I wanted to call us the Goofus Trio, but of course that doesn’t really work for marketing the music to groups like weddings," says Bloom. "So we are called the Andante Trio, Italian for ‘slow walk.’ The name refers to the music tempo, which can be really slow, as in ‘largo,’ or extremely slow, known as ‘largissimo.’"

The three musicians, who have also been playing together at impromptu Whistler Chamber Music concerts, bring a plethora of music theory to sheet music. Bloom completed a music degree at UVIC, Hunter at UBC, and Michiko at Capilano College in Vancouver.

The Andante Trio plays classical songs from Debussy and Vivaldi, Jan. 26, at 7:30 p.m. Admission is by donation. Refreshements are served beforehand; bring your own mug. Children and familes are especially welcome.

The concert takes place at Our Lady of the Mountains Catholic Church, 6299 Lorimer Road. For information contact Margo Bloom at 604-932-2133.