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Trevelyan claims second in Washington

Team Whistler performs well at endurance race



Before this weekend, Darcy Trevelyan's longest cross-country race was roughly 70 kilometres.

Afterwards, the Whistler resident more than doubled it, and even came away with a silver medal at the Capitol Forest 100 in Olympia, Wash. for his trouble.

"I went into that race knowing I'd never done a long race like that before. The longest I'd ever done was probably 70K at the Test of Metal," he said. "I went in there and I needed to keep a pretty moderate pace that I could maintain the whole way through. That worked for me."

Trevelyan also won the men's 40 to 49 division with his overall time of eight hours and 59 minutes (8:59:00). Champion Ben Shaklee of Bellingham ran away with the title in a time of 8:11:41.

With a long day ahead of him, Trevelyan knew he had to approach the race properly if he was to be competitive.

"I tried to stay down at that level on the first lap and then stay up to that level on the second lap," he said. "The measure of if it was the right pace or not was whether I could maintain that. I was falling short a bit in the second lap, but I was close and able to get up to that heart-rate level at times. If there was a long enough stretch of pedalling, I could get the heart rate up that high."

Trevelyan held back early in the race, letting the pack pass him as he held faith in his pace.

"Within the first hour of the race, I was catching up with some of them at a moderate pace," he said. "There was a moderately technical descent, not difficult by our standards, but I started catching guys there. I caught about four or five guys in this one section and then I came down to a road where I didn't know how long it would be."

Trevelyan figured a lot of the progress he'd made would be wiped away, but it turns out that the only rider to pass him was Seattle's Beddome Allen. As he approached the end of the first of two laps, he discovered he was third and looked to catch Allen.

"He flew by me. He was hammering," he said. "I figured 'This guy's some kind of road rider and I'll probably never see him again.'"

The Whistler rider caught up to Allen after another descent and some ups-and-downs and knew it would be neck-and-neck to the finish.

"At that point, I knew we were battling for second. Then I found out the leader was a half-hour ahead of us," he said. "I wanted to get to that roadway with a bit of a lead on him and I did... That road felt a lot longer the second time than the first time."

Though Allen put some time into Trevelyan along the road, the Canadian slipped into the singletrack just ahead of his counterpart and made the most of it.

The result was welcome for Trevelyan, as mechanical issues and injuries had hampered his season to this point.

Other Team Whistler members at the race also performed well. Rob Phoenix and Joe Maika finished 11th and 18th overall, respectively, in the 50-mile race. Maika was second in the 50+ men's division and Phoenix was third in the 40-49 men's event.

Marjorie Lauzon was fifth in the ladies' division, while Julie Phoenix was sixth. Mike Kinney was 12th among men.