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The Oresund: Where Denmark and Sweden interact



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Passing through Malmo, I spotted, again, the Turning Torso. Embedded in limestone bedrock, the tower is wrapped around a huge concrete pipe. Wedge-shaped slabs create 54 floors; each floor is rotated 1.6 degrees. The building has an exterior spine. Thirty-eight horizontal and diagonal “steel cigars” add decoration and support.

Back in Copenhagen, I check into The Square, a minimalist-style hotel close to the train station and Tivoli gardens and amusement park.

With few embellishments, yet indisputably gorgeous, The Square, I decided, was a happy confluence of the tough, bare-bones Kronborg Castle and the flighty, filigree Turning Torso. I’d come full circle around the Oresund.

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For more, go to www.visitoresund.info. A two-day “Around the Sound” travel card offers train, ferry, hotel and shopping discounts from 27 Euros. The only condition is that you travel across the Oresund Bridge in one direction and by ferry between Helsingborg and Helsingor in the other.

For details on Skane and Sweden: www.skane.com and www.visitsweden.com; on Copenhagen and Denmark: www.visitcopenhagen.com and www.visitdenmark.com.