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Travel: The Tamalie legacy

Plunging with Whistler Bungee



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We each went once more, me backwards and him by the ankles. During it all, Stevenson developed a platonic crush on the staff. Call it a spin-off of Stockholm syndrome, a not so complicated emotion you might experience after forcing your well-being into the hands of strangers.

And rightly so, for those hands are indeed capable. See, despite the fearful implications of hucking your could-be carcass into a massive void, it’s important to remember that bungee jumping is safe. For his part, van der Horst thinks the drive home is more of a deathtrap. And, given the recent rock slide, which killed no one but certainly could have, the man chalks up quite the point.

As for Tamalie, whose death makes him the sport’s patron saint, there’s a lesson to be learned. Make sure you’re strapped in before you jump. It says something to that effect on the waiver, and, really, it’s only sensible.