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Ottawa cyclist crosses country on DH bike



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"It’s chemical. You’ve heard of runner’s high, when you get the release of endorphins? Well I had that every day for 54 days. When you stop, you go through withdrawal," he said.

The trip was not without its difficulties. Outside of Thunder Bay he snapped off the top of his seat tube with the weight of his gear. Rather than turn back he found a welder to reinforce the tube and improve the way he mounted his gear.

In Alberta he got an infection in his hand, but couldn’t afford antibiotics – until a clinic gave him a deal on some samples.

Riding in the wet also caused a rash, and another doctor gave him some medicinal cream.

On the final stretch, between Lillooet and Mount Currie, he ran out of water and was forced to boil his water in a soda can. He went off the road on the same section when he hit a rut on the shoulder, which was the only time he was glad to be riding a downhill bike. "That could have been bad for me," he said.

"Putting it together it’s just a million little stories from the road, but all of them had a happy ending because of the people you meet along the way," he said.