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Now it is not like we were totally unprepared for this, I mean we have been doing hot yoga for a while now, and, like I knew about Lulu Lemon long before every woman in Whistler had a pair of their magic "wonder bra for your butt" pants. The plan was to do a couple months of Yoga, get buff and head to the beach… maybe throw in a couple of chants for good measure. From the time we woke to the time we slept our senses were filled by a culture based on the practise of faith. The smell of Nag Champa; the buildings with makeshift shrines in every room; the foods (no meats, no eggs, strictly Hindu); the Sadhus sleeping in the streets, the woods and under bridges; the religious paraphernalia shops on every corner; the overcrowded buses going Mach 10 with music blaring the praise of Krishna; the "holy" cows. The faith that is woven throughout the Indian culture is reflected in everything you hear, see, and feel.

For Krista and I the experiences that India provided proved life changing. So many lessons, a greater awareness of all that is around us, all that is created and creates. You do not have to be "religious" to have faith but you do need to practise and live your faith. This is the hallmark of spending time in India and it taught us the value of opening the heart and mind to that which is greater, wiser and more beautiful than can be measured.

So whether you worship Krishna or Jesus, Allah or Ullr, get yourself to India and immerse yourself in the craziness that awaits… just leave your fancy Lulu Lemon yoga clothes at home, they will probably just get stolen.