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Travel Story - Soundtrack of my life

The search for music for the soul on the road



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Time passed, and Mandy, Sarah and Charmain and I left Spicy House on the night train to Bangkok. I had asked Mandy to remind me to ask Charmain what the name of the CD was, but the train’s Thai whiskey did not suit her well that night. Mandy redecorated her bed in a liquid kaleidoscope the following morning, so she forgot to remind me.

We had already said our goodbyes when I remembered. I called after Charmain as she was walking away with her backpack full of books. "What is the name of that…"

"What?" she called. Bangkok is pretty loud pretty much all the time.

"The CD"

"The CD?"


She smiled, and bellowed "Mahnoochowww."

I nodded and Mandy and I went on our way.

We spent a night in Bangkok while Mandy’s stomach settled and then set off for Koh Samet for a few days. Then she returned to her corner of the planet. I was alone in Bangkok for a day and a half. I was determined to get a haircut, a waxjob, a nice pair of sunglasses and that CD, "Mehnychiaooo".

The haircut was great. She massaged my head three separate times and each for a very long, hard and lovely time. The wax job was painful. Two ladies tag-teamed my poor little legs, they are still not talking to me. The sunglasses search was successful. Tick, tick, and tick. One last thing on the list, that CD, the newest addition to the soundtrack of my life.

Near Siam Square and MBK, large shopping sites positively jam-packed with shoppers, I found an arcade with a few CD stalls. I went up to one, and surveyed the music. It was mostly top 40 style, but still, they had Western beats. The guy looked at me with trepidation. He elbowed the woman beside him; she could deal with me. She smiled, and I said, as clearly as I could, considering I had no idea if this word was a name of a group, person or even in English, "Do you have Minee-Choo?"