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Travel: F& B in Barbados

Taste of Barbados is a festival of food



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For St. Nicholas, the presentation is as important as the golden liquid itself. The bottles the rum flows into are Italian cut glass. Each one has frosted lettering and you can have your own personal inscription added. The stopper is hand-cut cork, mahogany and leather.

The price, naturally, is well above the US$13 you pay in Barbados for a 750 millilitre bottle of Mount Gay's best rum, Extra Old. A similar amount of St. Nicholas Abbey rum is US$60. The idea, as Warren says, is that you're buying "something really special."

If you're exceptionally well-heeled you can buy your own barrel of rum. It'll be stored at St. Nicholas, but you can visit it any time and when you want a bottle or 10, for yourself, friends or clients, just let Warren know and he'll tap your barrel (which holds about 450 bottles), frost your desired inscription on the glass and ship your order wherever you want. How much? Well, if you have to ask... but think mid-five figures, in U.S. dollars.

For those on a tighter budget, the house and distillery tour are a much more manageable US$13, and include a tot.



For more information on St. Nicholas Abbey visit its website at www.stnicholasabbey.com .

For information on travel in Barbados visit the Barbados Tourism Authority website at www.visitbarbados.org .