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Transmission amped



A powerful Transmission makes the move

Who: Transmission

Where: Dusty’s

When: Friday, Aug. 8

Let me tell you, if it was 35 degrees outside in Whistler all this week, it was at least double that in Transmission’s tiny, unventilated, metal-roofed rehearsal room. But these guys didn’t care. Or perhaps they didn’t seem to notice.

With beads of sweat pouring out all over guitars, amps and a drum kit, four local guys who make up one of the best kept secrets in town, kept playing, singing, strumming and bashing. Laughing together in between songs and each offering advice on how to make the song better, tighter and closer to something Whistler’s never heard before.

And they think they’ve finally got there. Transmission is a heady mix of hard and fast rock, melodic rhythms blending in some punkish metal and even acoustic moments. And they are about to descend on Whistler with a full force of sonic rarity that will, as guitarist Darren McLaren puts it, "blow the ears and minds off anyone who listens."

From the bowels of dusty Function Junction, Whistler’s hidden industrial heartland, there’s been a quiet musical revolution brewing the past six months. If you’ve taken a wrong turn off Highway 99 or hiked into the area by mistake, you probably would have heard them. McLaren, along with brothers Tom and Terry Leson (on drums and bass respectively) and vocalist Christian have been busy most afternoons putting the finishing touches on the dream band the experienced musicians have always wanted. Which is why Transmission has been kept under wraps until now.

"We’ve all been in other bands and knew what we wanted this one to be so we didn’t want to hit the stage until we knew we had a product we would be proud of," said Christian, the slightly Jim Morrison-sounding singer.

"We’re all really committed to this and want it to be something people have never heard before so the timing had to be just right. There was no need to rush it," said Darren, and the other guys all nod in agreement.

"We’re better now than we were a few months ago when we thought we were ready and that just makes us even more raring to get out there and show everyone what we’ve got. It’s all unique and original compositions and the more we’ve been practicing the more new songs we’ve come up with," said Terry.

Brother Tom concludes: "The wait has been the best thing we ever did, but it’s summer and it’s time to get out of the basement."