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Bus route survey If you’ve ever wished there was a comprehensive bus system between Pemberton and Whistler — or beyond, now is the time to make your feelings known. During the next week the Squamish-Lillooet Regional District and BC Transit will be conducting a survey to determine local needs for publicly funded transit systems. Phone surveys are being conducted but if you want to make sure you drop your two cents in the pot you can pick up a printed survey at the SLRD office in Pemberton, from the Birken General store, The Mount Currie Indian Band Office, The Anderson Lake Band Office, The Birken General Store, Village of Pemberton Office or the Pemberton Community Centre. The results of the survey will be used as part of the feasibility study looking in to the travel demands and network between D’Arcy and Pemberton, into Whistler, and from Mount Currie into Pemberton and Whistler. The feasibility study will help BC Transit and the SLRD decide if they should proceed. It looks at alternatives, estimates of ridership, costs and likely benefits for the regional district, as well as potential funding partners. The next step will be to shape the feasibility study into a service plan. The service plan is a blueprint setting out proposed routes, bus stop locations and a tentative schedule of service.